Inscribed Domain names are forever

An Inscribed Domain (id) is a name that has been forever etched into the Bitcoin Blockchain. Examples of domains are .sats, .btc, .crypto, .meme etc.


The namespace on Bitcoin is growing

.sats were the first widely used domain on the ordinals protocol. And now new domains have popped up to join it. The growing namespace on Bitcoin provides a new opportunity for all that get involved.

TLID/0 character domain

A 0 character domain also known as a TLID (Top Level Inscribed Domain). An example of a TLID is .sats or .crypto with no characters added to the base domain. The owner of this inscribed domain could have special privileges since every additional domain is connected to it.

A domain for every community

different communities will want to be associated with different domains. A community focused on wealth could utilize the .whale domain, while a community focused on fun could use the .meme domain and so on.

new utility

Inscribed Domains provide a brand new use for non-custodial identity that isn’t controlled by any company or organization. Inscribed Domains can be used to log into apps and they can also be used for bitcoin addresses, public identities and much more.


Many people are obsessed with 1-3 character domains because they see these as the rarest of the rare. What’s often overlooked is the true rarest domain the 0 character domain.

As more and more different types of domains are created the top level of each domain will become more valuable. There are infinite possibilities of domain extensions but their will only ever be 1 TLID (Top Level Inscribed Domain) for each domain.

If someone is a wallet provider they could really want the .wallet TLID and if they’re a casino they could want the .casino TLID, these 0 character domains will carry a huge premium.

inscribe a domain now

different inscribed domains

The Bitcoin Wizard community is a great use case for Inscribed domains, it would be perfect for them to use the .wizard id
Bitcoin Wizard
What we see in crypto with scamcoins is smalltime compared to the guys at the federal reserve. The federal reserve are scam experts so there is no one better to use the .rug inscribed domain
federal reserve
There’s a lot of coins out there and those coins are what the crypto ecosystem operates on. One of the most used domains will likely be .coin
So many coins
Bored apes, the trailblazers of the NFT space. They’ve done a lot on Ethereum but I think it’s time they do more on Bitcoin. They should use the .ape id
bored ape yacht club

Jour our discord

Some of the most important announcements for Inscribed domains will happen on discord


An Inscribed Domain (id) is basically like the blockchain version of a web address.

Right now there isn’t a specific word for web addresses on the bitcoin blockchain. We need to establish a good nomenclature while things are early. It’s also called this because the ordinal protocol uses the name inscription for things that are created and stored on the blockchain. Inscribed Domain (id) is a name that just fits.

You can can on an inscription service such as or and use the inscribe as text function. Then simply enter the exact text of the inscribed domain you want to create and inscribe it. To check if a name is taken you should first conduct a search. Right now search functions aren’t the best since ordinal technology is still fairly new but you can use unisats search function at to check if an id is already taken and make sure you’re searching using the text option.

A 0 character domain is the rarest domain possible. Many people covet 1-3 character domains because they think they’re the rarest. An example of a 1 character domain would be something like 1.sats, a lot of people think that domain is the rarest possible. But the true rarest domain is .sats with no characters added to it, that is a 0 character domain. Different 0 character domains are things like .coin, .whale, .lend etc.

Different domains probably have different value depending on the person. But rarity is one thing a lot of people care about and there are a variety of rare domain types such as low digit numbers, common names, countries, popular fictional characters, etc.

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